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Zprávy České botanické společnosti 51/1, 2016


Brandová B. & Vašut R. J.
Vrba borůvkovitá v České republice a na Slovensku: poznámky k současnému rozšíření
Salix myrtilloides in the Czech Republic and Slovakie: notes on the current distribution and protection of the species


Swamp willow (Salix myrtilloides L.) belongs to the most threatened willow species in the Central Europe. Its distribution in the region is fragmented and rare and many localities disappeared or were destroyed during the second half of the 20th century. In this article, contemporary state of this species in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is presented. We present data about all five sites where this willow now grows and we comment historical and questionable localities. Furthermore, we suggest some ideas and tips connected with the protection of this highly threatened species.

Uher J.
Dymnivka podmrkvolistá (Corydalis cheilanthifolia) - nově zplaňující druh v květeně České republiky a historie jeho šíření v Evropě
Corydalis cheilanthifolia - a new casual alien plant in the Czech Republic and the history of its introduction to Europe


Corydalis cheilanthifolia, a species native to China, was recorded as a new alien near an old millrace in a floodplain forest in Břeclav, southern Moravia. The plants have escaped from cultivation, although the species is rather rare in gardens. It is the first record of the escape of this species in Central Europe. The species is easy to recognize due to acaulescent habit with fern-like leaves, rather upcurved yellow flowers, and linear capsules, and it is therefore unlikely to be confused with native species of the genus.

Lepší P.
Asplenium x woynarianum - nový kříženec sleziníků v České republice
Asplenium x woynarianum - a new hybrid for the Czech Republic


The rare hybrid Asplenium × woynarianum (A. cuneifolium × A. viride) was discovered in the Bořinka Natural Reserve near Křemže (Český Krumlov Distr.) in South Bohemia. It is the first record of the taxon in the Czech Republic. The only discovered individual occurs within the mixed populations of both parents in Asplenietum cuneifolii community on the edge of shaded serpentine rock. Description of the hybrid, locality details, a photograph in situ and a scan of leaves are presented.

Hadinec J. & Lustyk P.
Additamenta ad floram Reipublicae Bohemicae. XIV.
Additions to the flora of the Czech Republic. XIV.


This fourteenth part of floristic contributions includes newly published data of critically endangered species and data unpublished so far. The species newly discovered on the territory of the Czech Republic Carex depressa subsp. transsilvanica and data of alien species found in the Czech Republic for the fi rst time (Acacia farnesiana, Arundo donax, Centaurea bruguiereana subsp. belangeriana, Centaurea carniolica, Centaurea stoebe subsp. australis, Centaurea transalpina, Centaurea weldeniana, Cleome hassleriana, Dicentra formosa, Eriochloa villosa, Ipomea lacunosa, Linaria pelisseriana, Lysimachia ciliata, Muscari latifolium, Panicum gattingeri, Persicaria capitata, Polanisia uniglandulosa, Tordylium apulum, Urochloa platyphylla) are summarized. The newly found Hieracium acrothyrsum, H. polymastix, Montia arvensis, Osmunda regalis and Salvia austriaca, previously considered to be missing or extinct in the Czech Republic territory, are listed below. Furthermore, criticaly endangered species (according to the Red List of Vascular Plants of the Czech Republic) are reported from new sites (e. g. Botrychium multifidum, Carex dioica, Cyperus michellianus, Danthonia alpina, Danthonia × breviaristata, Goodyera repens, Illecebrum verticillatum, Lappula semicincta, Lindernia procumbens, Malaxis monophyllos, Pilularia globulifera, Salix myrtilloides, Samolus valerandi).